Unistrut Embeds

Unistrut Embeds


Hybrid room imaging equipment as well as other ceiling-mounted equipment supported by AirFRAME┬« is attached to the structure above using a bolt-on deep-channel Unistrut (P5500T) assembly manufactured by SLD. Due to the HSS tube steel frame construction of AirFRAME, we are able to provide Unistrut only at the necessary locations to support these rails negating the structural need to span Unistrut across the entire ceiling and allowing for superior airflow to the surgical space.
Unistrut assembly bolts are factory torqued to 23 ft-lbs (31.18 newton-meters) and marked. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN!

Bi-Plane Example:

Below is an example of a Bi-Plane imaging room with one C-arm, one TV Monitor, and two MAVIG tracks all ceiling-hung supported by AirFRAME.
Lancaster, PA, USA

Single-Plane Example:

Below is an example of a single-plane room with boom-mounted shields and TVs:

Field Leveling:

Due to overall construction tolerances (SLD factory, building structure as well as other field/site conditions), our Unistrut Embeds are designed to be field-adjusted with provided shim-plates. Shims are pre-installed as well as shipped loose for fine-tune adjustments up and down in the field to meet stringent requirements.

Installing Contractor Responsibility:

The installing contractor is responsible for installing the AirFRAME plumb, level and at the correct height in relation to finished floor (keeping in mind that concrete slabs are not usually level nor at finished height when AirFRAME installation usually occurs). Additionally, the installing contractor is responsible for verifying that AirFRAME Unistrut is level across all individual pieces and within tolerance of the imaging equipment manufacturer (usually perfectly level and within a 6mm difference in height across all strut pieces).

A magnetic-tip tape measure and laser level is the best means to ensure all strut pieces are level and within height tolerance.
Ensure lowest strut piece is in tolerance with floor-to-strut requirements of imaging manufacturer as it is much easier to lower Unistrut Embeds as it is to raise the entire AirFRAME system or grind the floor down to meet tolerance.

Unistrut Assembly:

Unistrut assembly bolts are factory torqued to 23 ft-lbs (31.18 newton-meters) and marked. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN!

Inverted assembly drawing:

Removed assembly with shims staged:

Room-side close-up view of installed assembly from below:

Assembly removed:


In the case a section of Unistrut needs to be adjusted:
  1. Loosen the bolts retaining the Unistrut assembly keeping track of factory installed hardware.
  2. Remove full assembly from slot
  3. Install or remove shims as necessary
  4. Reinstall assembly into slot with all factory hardware including loc & plate washer
  5. Using calibrated torque wrench, tighten bolts to 23 ft-lbs (31.18 newton-meters)
Overtightening will cause Rivnut failure

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