Structural Calculations

Structural Calculations

All information contained in this Knowledge Base is provided for reference only.  SLD products are engineered to order so the detailed requirements of any particular installation will be coordinated according to the codes, requirements, and specifications of that project.  Project-specific information in all cases supersedes information provided here.

Structural Calculation Package

SLD Technology will provide a project-specific Structural Calculation Package. This package is started upon the receipt of both an acceptable Approved Submittal and Purchase Order. It is completed by a licensed Structural Engineering firm contracted by SLD Technology and will be stamped and signed by an Engineer licensed in the State the project is in. For projects outside of the United States, calculations are typically stamped and signed by a California licensed Engineer and over-stamped by a locally licensed Engineer.

These calculations provide the structural information necessary to design the interstitial support needed to support the AirFRAME from the building structure. This information includes the loads and reactions of each suspension point as well as seismic bracing requirements. SLD's scope generally stops at the top of our system; however, we can design the interstitial framing upon request at additional cost.
In the structural calculations package, adjacent vertical suspension points are often combined into a single reaction node. This single reaction node is the combination of forces for all of the multiple points at that location. In such case, each point can be suspended individually or a collector plate can be used to support the points. In either case, all vertical suspension points must be supported. Refer to the suspension layout in the SLD drawing package for suspension point locations.
Electronic copies of the stamped calculations will be distributed through our representative. If "Wet Stamped" copies are required, they can be provided at additional cost.
"Wet Stamped" copies are physically stamped with a real ink stamp, signed with a real ink pen and physically mailed to the recipient or governing body. It is seldom that SLD is required to provide these; however, some local governing bodies still require them. Electronic Copies are still stamped and signed with real ink; however, the physical document will remain with our Engineering Firm and electronic PDF copies will be distributed.

Preliminary Structural Calculations

While the full stamped and signed Structural Calculations package is not started until both the Approved Submittal and PO are received, a preliminary set of calculations can be provided early. The purpose of the preliminary calculations is to provide an overall layout of the AirFRAME with expected reaction points and a preliminary reaction value. Our intent is the Structural Engineer of Record (SEOR) will use this information to get an ‘idea’ as to how much of an impact the AirFRAME has on the building structure and also would give the engineer that will design the interstitial framing a good estimate as to the effort they need to put into their work (which allows them to set a fee and time schedule for their work). 

In order to start preliminary calculations, a PO for either the equipment or a separate PO for "Engineering Services" as well as a layout signoff must be provided to SLD. The signoff acknowledges that if anything structurally changes between issuance of preliminary structural calculations and submittal approval, additional fees will apply for the additional engineering work that will be required to update the calculations.

In most cases, preliminary structural calculations are not required. Understanding of our system, estimated weights as well as information about weights and moments of the equipment supported by SLD is enough to get a "ball park" of the design requirements for the interstitial framing. 

See attached flowchart for more detailed process flow.
SLD Structural Calculations Process Flow

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