Indigo-Clean™ Testing and Troubleshooting

Indigo-Clean™ Testing and Troubleshooting

White vs Indigo modes
Post Installation Testing:
The light modes are visible to the human eye. There are essentially two modes of light. White Disinfection (occupied) and Full Indigo (unoccupied). Indigo mode is full intensity of the Indigo diodes regardless of what dim setting the room was left in. White mode does have a bit of Indigo mixed in with the white light and is proportional to the dim level of the room. The Indigo diodes become more visible to the eye at close to full dim.
Ensure lights are functioning:
  1. If dimmers installed, do the white lights dim uniformly from 100% to off and back to 100%?
  2. Ensure lights transition to Indigo mode: Short across the screw terminals for BRN / YEL inside the IC100 controller. This will simulate the controller calling for Indigo mode. If ALL the lights switch to Indigo mode (purplish-blue visible light) and back to white when the short is removed, then the lights themselves are functioning properly.
  3. Double check that when white lights are set to “off” by a user, that they still switch to Indigo mode.
    (this ensures that the controls scheme is not cutting power to the lights to achieve an off state).

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